Brian Kerr

Come fly with us in one of the most beautiful free-flight area’s on the planet!  The experience starts with a 1 day introductory class or a tandem passenger flight.  Either one is a great option to experience the magic of free-flight!

For those who want to continue to become a fully certified pilot and fly on there own, the P-2 Course is the next stop.   This consists of 25 flights,  over the course of 8-12 days.  This takes around 4 weeks factoring in peoples schedules and weather.  There is an “immersion” way to take the lessons where we can do them all within 12 days (we will need to pre-arrange this)  Gear is provided by ParaglideShasta for training.  After your training you will need to purchase your own gear to continue.  Gear consists of a wing, harness, reserve parachute, and radio and starts at $4,600 for the complete package.

Paraglide Shasta offers lessons and tandems year round but the conditions are best April thru October.

Owner and operator Brian Kerr has lived in the Mount Shasta area for over 30 years and has flown paragliders in the area for 20 years.  An expert in the area’s mountainous terrain and it’s varied weather.  He is a certified United States Hanglide Paraglide Association Instructor.   Paraglide Shasta is a PASA certified school.

“As a father and a husband I am committed to making this experience as safe as possible.”    Brian Kerr