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Regional Forecast Discussion

NWS General Forecasts:

Shasta Valley 



Emmigrant Lake 

Mt. Shasta City 


Hat Creek 

Woodrat Mountain 


Park Mountain




Forecast Winds, Upper Air, and Fronts

NOAA Adds (Aviation digital data service)

Surface wind forecast loop GFS/NAM

5000 foot wind forecast loop GFS/NAM

10,000 foot wind forecast loop GFS/NAM

RUC Skew-T Forecast  (mobile friendly)

MFR 00/12 UTC Sounding

MFR MM5-GFS Forecast

Jet Stream Analysis [latest map]

National Upper Air Map: 850 Mb | 600 Mb | 300 Mb

RAL National Weather Front Map

Integrated Flying Forecast Sites

XC Skies


Remote Access Weather Stations (RAWS)

Shasta Valley and Mt. Shasta Area

Siskiyou County Airport (20 miles NW of Herd Peak/The Whaleback, elev. 2650 ft.)

Weed Airport (12 miles SW of Herd Peak/The Whaleback, elev. 2950 ft.)

Military Pass Road (near The Whaleback LZ, elev. 4500 ft. )

Whaleback XC Wind Readings (latest from all stations above plus more)

Black Butte summit (near Rainbow Ridge)

Mt. Eddy (6,509 ft)

Grey Butte

Relative for Woodrat Mtn.

RVHPA Longsword Vineyard LZ (2 miles W of Woodrat, elev 1457 ft.)

Provolt Seed Orchard (12 miles WNW of Woodrat, elev. 1200 ft.)

Squaw Peak (11 miles S of Woodrat, elev. 5000 ft.)

Tallowbox Mountain (5 miles WSW of Woodrat, elev. 4961 ft.)

Ashland Airport (4 miles NW of Training Hill, elev. 1900 ft.)

Siskiyou Summit (24 miles SE of Woodrat on I-5, elev. 4300 ft.)

Map of Many more RAWS sites

NWS RAWS Map – Southern OR/Northern CA

Radar and Satellite Info.

MFR Regional Doppler Radar Image

Pacific NW Doppler Radar Loop

1km Visible Satellite Image

4km Infrared Satellite Image

Unisys IR Satellite Loop: 3 hour | 12 hour

Western Conus IR Satellite Loop

West Coast GOES IR Satellite & Surface Winds Map

RASP – Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction (great info on convergence forecast)

Important Cross Country Info.

FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions

National Fire News

Active Fire Maps